5 Sustainable BOPP Packaging Trends for 2020

5 Sustainable BOPP Packaging Trends for 2020

This year’s trend in the packaging industry revolved around circular economy and will only continue to dominate the 2020 market as more and more businesses look for sustainable and more environmentally friendly options for packaging. BOPP film manufacturers of BOPP laminated bags are leading the way when it comes to producing packaging solutions that meet the needs of the market and its demands for sustainability and cost-efficiency. 

‘Reduce, reuse, and recycle’ remains the mantra of the packaging industry. Below are only some of the most sustainable packaging solutions that support this concept:

1. Packaging solutions designed for recycling

In today’s race for sustainability, more recycling pretty much equates to greater development. In order for packaging to be recycled, it has to meet a list of requirements that include separability, labeling and coloration, and cleanliness. BOPP film manufacturers are endeavoring to fulfill these requirements with their new packaging designs, ensuring products that are made for recycling.

2. Packaging solutions designed for reuse

Although more challenging to envision and actually fulfill than recyclable packaging, reusable packaging is also becoming more visible in the market, changing the way that packaging is handled—from being torn open and then thrown away to be able to withstand sterilization, washing, and eventual reuse.

3. The bioplastic movement

Another trend on the rise when it comes to packaging is the use of more bioplastics as an alternative to fossil-fuel-based materials. Bioplastics, although commonly equated with compostable and biodegradable materials, are not necessarily biodegradable and compostable. They are instead helpful in reducing production’s carbon footprint, which can likewise have significant effects on sustainability.

4. Reduced packaging

Reducing packaging to bare essentials is also a solution that many manufacturers and business owners are looking into to ensure greater sustainability. This is especially true when handling bulk food items and other products that don’t require excessive packing material. This said it is crucial to choose packaging methods that safeguard product quality and safety above all.

5. The consumer factor

Communicating with consumers on how to best use and reuse packaging is also crucial when it comes to increasing the sustainability of packaging materials. When consumers are educated on how to use, dispose of, and/or recycle packaging, your efforts to provide sustainable packaging solutions will truly pay off.

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