What if I need a specific product and I don’t see it on your website?

Just inquire via the Contact Us tab on our website! Tell us what products you are looking for and we will respond with a solution.

Who else is a fully integrated manufacturer of leno packaging in the USA?

There is only one, Cady Bag in Pearson, GA. Cady is the only leno bag manufacturer in the USA that controls the entire manufacturing process from the resin to the finished product. Most other leno bag converters purchase their fabric from overseas manufacturers.

Can I recycle your packaging in my community?

Recycling is determined by local capabilities. Please contact your local recycler and ask if they handle class 5 materials. If the answer is Yes then all of your polypropylene packaging is recyclable.

Are you bags approved for direct food contact?

Yes, all of our packaging is produced from 100% virgin polypropylene resin which is FDA approved for food contact.

How do I determine what size bags I need?

There are a myriad of factors that go into determining the proper size bag for your products. Use the contact us feature on our web page and we will be glad to assist you in this process.

What is woven polypropylene made from?

Woven polypropylene is made from extruded polypropylene resin and then slit into tapes. These tapes are then woven together to create the fabric. All polypropylene material, just heated, extruded, woven and converted into your package.

How do I make sure the bag is durable and good quality?

Cady Bag ensures the quality of our finished product by measuring and managing the quality process throughout the production process. Cady’s in-house QC department ensures that only first-grade material, set to exacting internal quality standards, get shipped to our customers.

How fast can I get my bags delivered?

Being a domestic manufacturer, Cady in most cases can take long lead times and reduce the delivery time. Please use the “Contact Us” feature on our web page and let us know your delivery challenges.