Building Products/Coated Fabrics

Cady Bag is a leader of protective fabrics required for:

  • Manufactured Housing
  • RV (Recreational Vehicle) & Towables
  • Steel Wrap (VCI Fabrics)

Cady utilizes our wide web coating & lamination capabilities to service the wide spectrum requirements associated with our end-use markets. Our production facility in Pearson, GA has the ability to laminate, coat, and perforate a wide range of products.


Wide Barrier Manufacturing Capability

Our 98” in-house extrusion coater is wider than most, allowing Cady Bag to make some very diverse barrier products, including a 96” roof underlayment product that allows for greater efficiency in the manufactured housing production process. In the manufactured housing industry, efficiency is everything. Our 96” underlayment product allows for a more efficient shingling operation in support of those efficiency requirements. Due to its’ wide web coverage – i.e. 1 layer of this 96” material is equivalent to 2 layers of our competitors’ 48” material – a 2-pass operation in manufactured housing becomes a 1-pass operation. At Cady, we understand that process efficiency plays a key role within this industry.

Winding capabilities to cater to any specifications

In the world of barrier fabrics, we know that material width and length is of paramount importance. Configuration options and size are all requirements for every project. At Cady, we have the winding capabilities to meet any specification required.

We can develop next-generation products

Our 96” underlayment was developed entirely in-house at Cady. Due to the wide range of manufacturing capabilities, we have a unique advantage in the ideation and development of tomorrow’s barrier requirements.

When you’ve got a rush job, communication is key. We are dedicated to completing your order on time, and through the entire process, we can keep you updated on the status of your order. Our customer service representatives are always available to assist along the way.


At Cady, our strengths lie in the details. These include:

 Made in USA


Custom Listings

All materials created at Cady are validated by an independently verified outside technical testing facility to satisfy local building codes. Progressive Engineering Inc. (PEI) also provides an independent quarterly audit supporting all of our technical requirements.


Short lead times, flexible order quantities

As our materials are manufactured locally, products can be created quickly and shipped across the country rapidly.


Print options

We can provide a broad range of printing capabilities to meet customer-specific requirements.


Technical Support

All of our products come with full technical support.