Bopp Bags Manufacturers

Our Consumer Packaging division uses laminated fabrics with high resolution graphics Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Bags (BOPP) to package products including: animal nutrition, pet food, bird seed, and deer corn, as well as minerals, rice, and other products. With superior strength over paper bags, BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Bags) laminated bags don’t break or bust. We are also one of the few companies that can assist with development of artwork for the bags as well as the manufacture of the bags themselves. The bags are palletized, and sent directly to your facility to be filled with product.

We have the flexibility to produce BOPP packaging with a short lead time when it is urgently needed, even if the order is small. Without compromising on quality, we use the best manufacturing processes for your needs, with materials approved for food contact. Regional operators and owners have experienced our ‘supplier agility’.


We can handle small order quantities

Small orders are not a problem. In fact, we excel at less than truckload quantities. Our convenient production site in South Georgia provides excellent shipping lanes throughout the US. We have the technology, people, and processes that will deliver to your specific needs.

We are all about quality

With a concentrated effort at providing quality, we ensure our products go through the rigidity of our in-house quality control department. The packaging materials we use are all certificated for food contact.

We deliver faster than most companies

We can meet your challenge of urgency by offering a quick turnaround on orders. We require a lead time as short as eight weeks for new orders. Most imported options require a lead time of 14-18 weeks.

We’re flexible

Add all of this up and you’ll find that we’re extremely flexible. We solve problems based on your most urgent needs, whether that be a time constraint or size of an order. We can even stock your bags until you need them. Or maybe you have a special request – that’s our strength.

We retain a personal touch

When partnering with Cady Bag, you can be sure that your order will run smoothly, without mistakes – unlike manufacturers in other areas or countries that may take your order at a lower cost, however end up making mistakes, which ends up being more costly for you overall. Not to mention the frustration, profit-loss, and loss of time.

When you’ve got a rush job, communication is key. We are dedicated to completing your order on time, and through the entire process, we can keep you updated on the status of your order. Our customer service representatives are always available to assist along the way.


Our Consumer Packaging laminated fabrics include multiple options, these include:


Full graphics

Allows for graphic consistency on the back of the bag. Dual bead extruded lamination is used for the highest back-seam integrity.



For more specific applications, this option is incredibly strong due to circular construction. Limited sizes, excellent for deer corn & bird seed applications.



Allows the consumer to easily open the bag for access to the product.



40”x 48” 4-way entry pallet. Corrugated carton bottom & top. Wooden picture frame top. Strapped 4 ways providing ultimate protection during transport and distribution.