Cotton Bale Packaging

Cady Bag is a producer of high quality patterns for the domestic cotton industry. Using the best manufacturing techniques in the industry, our cotton bale division creates a protective packaging for gin processed cotton stored in bales, shielding it from moisture and other contaminants for extended periods of time, sometimes well over a year. Our strength lies in the fact that all converting is undertaken in-house, enabling us to have strict control on Cotton Council standards.

Our supply chain is NAFTA-certified

All of the materials that we use are sourced from NAFTA countries, a requirement of the Cotton Council.

In-house coating and converting

The base material we use in our packaging is a coated woven polypropylene fabric. We extrusion coat, perforate, and convert this fabric into a spiral sewn cotton bale pattern.

In-house printing capabilities for gin-specific requirements

Every pattern carries the cotton logo. We also have the printing capabilities for gin-specific graphic needs.

Member of the Cotton Council

We are a member of the Cotton Council, the governing body for everything cotton in the U.S. We make bags per the specifications managed by the Cotton Council. As a member of the Council we have early information on changing trends, support on specifications, and recommended modifications. The Cotton Council is important to the industry regarding performance, safety, and emerging global trends.

Cady Bag has a long history as a domestic supplier to the cotton industry. We are currently the largest domestic converter, supplying woven polypropylene patterns from our plant in Pearson, GA.