Leno Bags Manufacturer

We are a top US manufacturer of Leno bags for packaging your onions, nuts, shellfish, citrus, or firewood. Woven bags, or Leno bags, are ideal for these purposes as they are solid, form-stable, and breathable. While we make Leno bags for packaging of seasonal products, other products like firewood require production of Leno bags year-round. Cady Bag, which is well known in Leno circles, has adopted a four-stage Leno production process while manufacturing the bags.

In stage 1, polypropylene is melted, extruded, and cut into yarns or tapes of a certain width. This is followed by stage 2 where the yarns are woven together to make the base fabric. In stage 3, the label is glued onto the fabric, followed by stage 4 where the branded fabric is cut and sewn into a finished bag. Cady Bag is the only company in the United States that handles stage 1 and 2 completely in-house. In some cases, the fabric is bought on a global basis. Cady’s key advantage here is that we control all 4 of these stages to deliver a premium product at a reasonable price. In this respect, we are vertically integrated, from resin to finished product.

We are contemporary

We employ the latest technology in bag-making, wicket, and weaving. Being on top of things ensures that our customers are delivered high-quality packaging.

We are versatile

With full graphics and printing capabilities and a full spectrum of color offerings and fabrics to meet specific needs, we go all out to meet our clients’ requirements. We entertain clients who may need only the fabric or want to go all the way to the finished goods.

We are cost-effective

We have an excellent bundling/palletizing process to maximize freight at a minimal cost. So customers with budgetary constraints are well-pleased with our cost-effective delivery.

We are flexible

We don’t only entertain big orders, we’re open to all customers, including those who may require less than a truckload, or even those who would want as little as one bundle (500).

We are reliable

We are responsive to pricing requests and technical issues. We have a high order of accuracy on pricing, which is something customers may not experience with vendors from other areas or countries. When dealing these companies often 10% of the order is wrong, and when the inventory is wrong, the entire chain of delivery is affected leading to a lot of wasted time and money.

The finest fabric in the world, on state of the art equipment, at globally competitive rates.


The strength of Cady in the leno industry is evident in every aspect of our operation…


Only integrated domestic product in the US

From resin to finished product.


Complete process control

In-house QC department validating production processes


In-house printing

Quick turnaround, flexible order quantity, 4-color art


Finished bags wrapped & baled

Baled shipping units 1000 per bale optimizing freight