The Real Reason Oranges Are Sold in Red Mesh bags

Red Mesh bags

When you go to the store to buy fruit, you might wonder: Why, in most cases, are citrus bags red? Oranges in particular are sold in those red mesh polypropylene bags, and there is a psychological reason behind that: The red mesh makes oranges appear more orange. That’s because red citrus bags give the illusion that the orange peel is more vibrant than it is. This makes the oranges more enticing.

Red mesh polypropylene bags are like marketing tools that encourage you to buy the oranges. The same strategy is also used for other orange citrus fruits, such as tangerines and some variants of grapefruit. Meanwhile, green or yellow citrus bags are used for lemons to make them look more yellow. Putting lemons in red citrus bags can give the illusion that they’re orange, so this is usually not done.

All about red mesh polypropylene bags

Mesh bags are ideal for a wide array of packaging needs, including firewood, nuts, onions, shellfish, and citrus. CadyBag makes high-quality mesh polypropylene bags that are also known as Leno or woven bags. There are four stages in the production process:

  1. Polypropylene is melted before extruding and cutting it into tapes or yarns of a specific width.
  2. The yarns of polypropylene are woven to create the base fabric.
  3. A label is glued on the fabric.
  4. The fabric is cut and sewn to create the finished product, such as citrus bags.

Top-quality red mesh polypropylene bags are made domestically in the US and manufactured in house to ensure full quality control throughout every production stage.

Red Mesh bags

Benefits of mesh polypropylene bags for organic materials

You might be wondering why mesh citrus bags are best for certain fruits and other organic materials instead of conventional plastic packaging or fabric bags. That’s because they allow the produce to breathe while making sure that the packaging shows off the enticing color of the fruits. Mesh polypropylene bags also enable buyers to inspect the quality of the fruit before buying.

What makes mesh polypropylene bags better than others?

High-quality mesh polypropylene bags are recyclable. What’s more, polypropylene, or #5 plastic, is lightweight and durable, and it won’t break down when exposed to oil, moisture, or high heat. Those features ensure that the fruits are safe and will get to your home in great condition when packed in mesh polypropylene bags.

Citrus bags are also made of #2 plastic, which is recyclable and reusable. Use them to shop for produce the next time or wad them into a ball to be secured with a rubber band to use as a non-stick scrubber for your pots and pans. Mesh polypropylene bags can also be used when making a hanging bird feeder, among other projects. So don’t be too quick to dispose of them the next time you buy oranges or lemons that come in citrus bags.

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