Cady Bag Announces Strategic Partnership with Duke/REC Solar for Sustainable Energy Integration

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As consumers become more aware of environmental sustainability, they demand the same attitude toward conservation from the brands and businesses they interact with. This is why companies are looking for ways to adopt green standards in an effort to help save the planet and at the same time gain the trust, respect, and approval of clients.

Cady Bag, a leading leno bags manufacturer and supplier of polypropylene packaging products and barrier fabrics for manufactured housing markets, is joining the sustainability advocacy by partnering with Duke/REC Solar to integrate and support sustainable energy in their own production process.

Cady Bag started as a small leno bags manufacturer supplying mesh and cotton bags for roadside citrus stands in Florida back in the late 1950s. Today, the company has grown to be a global leader when it comes to developing and manufacturing high-quality polypropylene packaging and other such products, stopping at nothing to adapt their ways to the changing needs of the market and their clients. In response to the market demand for more sustainable means of production, Cady Bag is adopting a sustainable energy model aimed at maximizing the use of renewable energy sources to help advocate for a healthier planet.

Sustainable energy models offer effective methods of harnessing natural energy coming from renewable sources to minimize the collateral damage caused to the environment. With global warming a constant threat to the earth’s future, switching to renewable forms of energy is a must for all industries, helping conserve the environment for generations to come.

Cady Bag’s partnership with a solar energy leader brings about an age of sustainable energy integration for the company. What this partnership entails is a solar site lease for solar energy production for direct use by GA power. This involves some 550 to 600 solar panels, allowing Cady Bag’s energy generators to provide power using a direct line to the GA Power. These are the kinds of business decisions that endear companies like Cady bag to their clients, especially those who are particular about green efforts and becoming part of a more sustainable community. Cady Bag has always been committed to providing products and services that serve the greater good and fit into the needs of the public while ensuring the wellbeing of the environment and the planet at large. This is what makes Cady Bag a global leader in polypropylene bags manufacturing.

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